• Vaccinations

    Vaccinations prevent fatal diseases and contribute to a long life for your pet.  Using the latest advances in veterinary medicine, Cheyenne West Animal Hospital will develop a specific immunization plan for your pet. Every animal is unique and we tailor your immunization plan to meet the special needs of your pet. Breed risk factors, environment, and lifestyle all determine the best plan for your pet.

    A regular immunization schedule, starting when your pet is born, will benefit your pet throughout life. If you have just gotten a new pet, contact us to schedule an initial exam. If you have recently moved to Las Vegas or are changing veterinarians, we can evaluate your pet’s medical records and continue a vaccines schedule.

    It is important to maintain a regular schedule of annual vaccinations for your pet. We will maintain the vaccination schedule with your pet’s medical records and send reminders when vaccinations are due.

    Call us today at 395-1800 to make sure all of your pet’s vaccinations are up to date.