• Wellness Exam

    Regular check-ups keep your pet healthy and identify medical issues early. At Cheyenne West Animal Hospital we recommend wellness exams twice yearly to maintain an optimal level of health for your pet.

    One of our experienced and caring doctors will perform a comprehensive physical examination of your pet. We will evaluate your pet’s heart and lungs; examine muscle movement and joints; examine your pet’s mouth and teeth; and test your pet’s hearing and vision. We will also evaluate your pet’s current medications and discuss your pet’s vaccination schedule.

    A thorough examination will reveal any potential health concerns and allow early treatment for best results.

    The wellness exam is the perfect opportunity for you to ask questions about your pet’s health. We will be happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you have about your pet’s wellness. We will also discuss nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices for your pet.

    Call us today at 702-395-1800 to schedule an appointment for a wellness exam for your pet.